Changing/Cancelling an Order

Before your order has been placed

If you have not yet hit the "Submit Order" button during checkout, you can easily make changes in the shopping cart. You can add items, remove items, and change the quantities of the products instantly - all before entering your purchasing information.

After your order has been placed

If your order has not been placed with the manufacturer, you may be able to change your order after you have hit the "Submit Order" button. To do so, click on the Order Status and enter or create your password. Once in Order Status, select your order and then cancel the item(s) you wish to remove using the "Cancel Items" button located on the right side of the screen. When you see "Cancelled" in the Status section, your order has been cancelled and you will not be charged for the items.

Cancelling a processed order

If you have hit the Cancel button and you do not see "Cancelled" in the Status section, your order has already been processed and submitted to our manufacturer/fulfillment center. An automatic email will be sent to our Cancellation Department Manager who will attempt to cancel your order by contacting the fulfillment center/manufacturer directly. You'll receive a confirmation email for your cancellation request automatically if it is submitted, and then another email within 48 hours once your order has been cancelled. There is no need to contact us additionally-you'll be notified by email or telephone within 48 business hours once the cancellation is complete.

**Contacting us again by phone or email during this 48-hour period will slow our ability to process your cancellation. We thank you in advance for your patience.**

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